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Farewell, Summer

September has been incredible in Portland this year. I can’t recall one day of rain. It’s been truly spectacular. Alas, the calendar swears it’s fall.

The arrival of fall has made me reflect on my summer vegetable garden. The results were uneven (at best): lettuce good, radishes bad, parsley good, squash bad, pumpkins very bad. We had a pretty gloomy June, which may explain some of the failures (darn, I hate that word). However, it was good just to see green things growing in my garden and to literally not buy lettuce for two months straight. But since I’m a very beginning gardener, and in the spirit of spin (for those of you following the presidential election), I’m going to call this year’s garden “a raging success!”

It’s been said a kajillion times, but really, is there any greater pleasure than eating from one’s own garden? Just look at this:

Tomato-Bacon-Peach Salad with Basil

The tomato and basil came from my garden. Amazing!

Au revoir, ete. I’m sorry to see you go. Until next year, mon ami.


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