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Can Food Allergies be Temporary?

When I first got tested for food allergies a few months ago, my doctor said, “Let’s test again in six months because these things can come and go.” Hmm. What did that mean? I have looked all over the Web and can’t find much on this topic, besides the fact that children often outgrow their food allergies and I’m way past childhood.

I hate to have this flower of hope bloom so passionately inside me. Just the idea of eating real panna cotta again someday is a unique kind of torture.

To clarify without getting into jargon, I’m actually talking about food “intolerance,” not “allergy,” like a peanut allergy. So, can food intolerances be temporary?

My skin is finally clearing. I just realized I had a staph infection for months (maybe years, who knows). I sound like a broken record around the house: “When my skin is clear, I want to see how much <eggs, garlic, almonds, cow dairy> I can tolerate.” Anecdotal evidence suggests that people have intolerance thresholds. I’d like to find out what mine are. Always gotta find the loophole!

I’d also like to know if having a staph infection makes one more sensitive to foods. For example, if I clear up this infection, will I be less sensitive to <eggs, garlic, almonds, cow dairy>? Does that have anything at all to do with this? Does anyone know the answers to these questions?

I’d also like to have my own private doctor, someone who could answer all my questions whenever I ask them. Because I’m curious and afflicted, and inquiring minds wanna know.


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