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Tax Time, Tea Time

Whilst procrastinating on my taxes, I had the pleasure of wandering around the house snapping shots of my favorite tea-related items. Why? Why ask why? Call it my equivalent of washing the walls before writing a short story (which one of my teachers said she always did before she finally got down to writing). So, with that said, here’s my favorite red teapot and tea cups:

Red teapot

The red teapot is for two. Here’s my favorite teapot for one, which my special pal RCMB gave me. (RCMB loves to be mentioned on this blog. RCMB should comment more and send me some good vegan dessert recipes).

This teapot is Japanese and has a fabulous crackle glaze (this photo doesn’t do it justice). The crackle finish is really great to ponder while you’re procrastinating. So many lines, so many paths to take…

White Japanese teapot with a crackle glaze

Have you noticed yet that The Man and I are obsessed with glass? Here are our new teacups (cost about $5 total at Goodwill):

Glass teacups hanging from hooks

Here’s a current favorite tea atop a crocheted bottlecap trivet. Family and friends take note on that: I’m still collecting bottlecap trivets.

Tea tin of decaf darjeeling

And last, but certainly not least, the most important tea in my life: my Chinese “tea” (cough, gag, upchuck!):

If I had to choose between drinking my Chinese “tea” and doing my taxes…1040 here I come!


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