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Time Magazine Calls Portland a Food Eden

Didn’t want you cool cats to miss this piece about Portland’s food scene in Time magazine. Wowsers!

People ask me why I moved to Portland. Two reasons: the food and the readers. People know how to eat and read in this town like no other US city I’ve lived in (SFO, NYC, San Diego).

And then there is the very real obsession with pork. 🙂

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Chocolate On My Mind

Chocolate, chocolate,
The whole day through.
Just an old sweet song,
Keeps chocolate on my mind.

Oh! Am I on? Is this microphone on?! I hate when I lapse into my Ray Charles impersonation accidentally.

I have had chocolate on my mind lately, mostly because I’ve been eating a fair amount, okay a lot, of it. I had the serious pleasure of feeling Food Normal in a downtown setting over the weekend for ten delicious minutes. It went like this:

  1. Go to the crazy chocolate store with The Man.
  2. Chat up the lady behind the counter about how I can’t have gluten, dairy, almonds, or eggs with my chocolate because, you know, everyone is as fascinated as I am by my new food allergies.
  3. Look utterly stunned as this lady says: “You know, we’ve been experimenting lately with hemp milk and we may still have some in the back. Would you like a hot chocolate made with hemp milk?”
  4. Barely manage something like: Is the Pope Catholic?

Let me see if I can describe the sensation of sitting in the shoppe (it’s that kind of place) window with The Man, watching the rain (the only weather we have here), and sipping the most amazing cup of hot chocolate ever: well, I can’t. The closest I can come is Ray Charles singing Chocolate, chocolate…


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