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Football Food, Part 2

Go Favre!

Playing with the new oven today for our Championship meal. Woohoo! Can’t say I’m invested in either of the games this year, but I am loving the opportunity to play with my oven. Convection is fun! I had three pans in at the same time: one roasting an eggplant, another cookie sheet of mixed root vegetables, and a pan of flatbread. Roasting the eggplant took a mere thirty minutes (usually takes an hour).

We went Middle Eastern this year; kind of a last-minute decision since I’m just not tolerating so many foods lately. I’ll write some other time about the food phobias that go with having food allergies and serious skin/health consequences. My hands are still healing from last week’s mysterious flare, so we kept today fairly simple and meat-free. Here’s the menu:

Pimiento dip and baba ganoush with raw (cuke, green peppers, and carrots) and roasted vegetables (parsnips, carrots, celery root, red bell peppers), falafel, flatbread, and cana de oveja and goat camembert with Tulsi iced tea. Mmm!

Sadly, both the falafel and flatbread were complete disasters. Such is cooking.

I used two recipes I’ve never tried before: the falafel came from an old Mollie Katzen cookbook and the chickpea flatbread from the Millennium cookbook. I followed the falafel recipe to a T (not just a guide!), but couldn’t find an appropriately sized pan for the flatbread, which killed it. I should have known better. It turned out more like a chickpea custard/mush. So it goes.

I had given up on the (vegan) Millennium cookbook a long time ago because there are just way too many recipes-within-recipes. You know, like to make this one dish, you have to make two other recipes, flip all over the book just to make a list of ingredients, etc. But I love the restaurant and have vegan friends, so I’ve kept it around. But in the last eight years I’ve used the cookbook just for the very good marinades.

Happy I kept the book because now I’m rediscovering it since getting the dairy/eggs diagnosis. Whew.

The nice thing about this meal was that it was gluten, starch, meat, cow dairy, and egg free, but still tasty.

Sometimes I can’t believe I have to live like this. One thing I’ve learned dealing with it is that you can adapt to just about anything if you have to. I guess there’s some hope in that.

Here’s today’s meal, followed by the falafel disasters:

Championship Meal



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