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The Fat Lady Sings on My Laptop

It had been acting up the last few weeks, but finally, my laptop died. I write to you from an ancient tower computer that takes about two hours to boot up. My laptop was/is a five-year-old Dell refurbished Inspiron 5100. I’ve had no trouble with it in five years, so I guess I should be grateful. And I would be, if only I could get to my photos. You know, all those photos that are on my…laptop.

The thought of having to deal with getting it serviced, blah blah, is like how I imagine waterboarding. But I’ll have to manage because life is not worth living without my laptop. It’s worth living without wheat, dairy, sweets, eggs, soy, and a laundry list of other foods, but my laptop?! Where’s the nearest high bridge?

So…no photos for you tonight. And my thoughts are far from food at the moment. That’s rare. So let’s just savor that together, shall we? Ahhhhhh.

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