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Kitchen Remodel: Finito!

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while, but just haven’t gotten to it until now. Enjoy!

Stove View

Stove View

Sink View

Sink View

Fridge View

Fridge View

If you forgot what the floor looks like, click here.


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Kitchen Redux

So…finally, we progress on la cocina. Our remaining three projects were:

  • Put in the floor
  • Finish building the lower cabinets
  • Tile the backsplash

I’m happy to report that the floor is now finito! For your viewing pleasure, here are some photos:

Red and white Marmoleum Click kitchen flooring - view looking at oven

Wow, that is really red!

Red and white Marmoleum Click kitchen flooring - fridge view

I hope we’re not sick of it by next week.

Red and white Marmoleum Click kitchen flooring - fridge hall view


Red and white Marmoleum Click kitchen flooring - view of sink area

The design points into the dining area, which is kind of a nice little effect that we hadn’t anticipated. Our kitchen is not square, it’s kind of…trapezoidal? So this “square target” design is actually offset when looking at the sink and oven, but lined up with the refrigerator wall, if that makes any sense.

In a previous life, The Man was a talented AutoCAD designer, which is how he made his living. Then, he got laid off and had one of those go-deep-into-the-wilds-of-New-Mexico-years, like we all do, and figure out what you Really Want to Do with Your Life, which maybe only some of us actually figure out (I haven’t). That’s when he became a contractor. Anyhoo, the upshot is twofold: he’s a great designer and builder. It’s a nice combo, especially around the house.

For this design, he gave me about 25 designs to choose from. That’s no joke: 25. They kind of made my eyes spin around in my head like a slot machine. I can’t even remember now if we agreed on any of them before we started negotiating about this one. We did this with Marmoleum Click square tiles. You can really get a nice custom look with just a little effort (and a lot of drawings). He was able to install this in one day. Pretty sweet.

The only other things we had considered were hardwood to match the rest of our house and tile. We had to do something because what was there before was some pretty hideous sheet vinyl crap from 1980 that had seen better days due to our house being a rental for 20-30 years before we bought it. You get the idea.

We went with Marmoleum because it’s cheap, fast, somewhat “green”, and pretty darn durable. I also like how it feels on my feet–smooth and warm.

Next will be the lower kitchen cabinets. Hopefully, I won’t have to wait another two months for those; The Man’s schedule is pretty packed (thank god). We have a little saying around here based on the old adage “The cobbler’s son has no shoes.” Our version is “The carpenter’s wife has no kitchen.”


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Come on-a My House, Come on-a My Kitchen

If you don’t get that reference, you can read about it here. It’s an old Rosemary Clooney song about coming on over and getting some plums and apricots (and more, wink-wink?), although I just read on Wikipedia that William Saroyan, of all people, helped write it. One of my sisters will be happy to hear that.

Anyway, who cares about that? The point is that my kitchen progresses. Here are the latest pics:

Kitchen in Progress


Kitchen Sink


Bamboo Detail

Bamboo countertop — up close and personal

I can say without hesitation that this is the nicest kitchen I will have ever cooked in. The Man and I now just stand in the middle of the kitchen in complete disbelief. And it’s not even finished.


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The State of the Kitchen Address

My fellow culinarians…

But seriously now. We’ve been remodeling our kitchen since around New Year’s. So far it’s been fairly painless. I’ve gotten used to the plywood countertop, the plywood floor, the dust on every conceivable surface (at opposite ends of the house), and the relocation of pots, pans, and dishes to an old bookcase in the living room. I think I handled it all pretty well.

But living without a sink…I do have my limits. It’s been almost two weeks now. Here’s how we’ve been washing dishes:

Dishes in Tub

Nice, huh? (If you can’t tell from the photo, this is my bathtub). As you might imagine, this has seriously affected my ability to cook. Reader recipes were a serious challenge this past week, perhaps why I was so destroyed by those darned falafels.

Here’s a pic of the kitchen in progress:

Kitchen Progress

This afternoon, at long last, my hunky contractor put the new bamboo countertop in and cut out the hole for the sink. He promises me a usable sink for this weekend (i.e., Easter dinner). Let’s all pray the kitchen rosary that it be so.

To end this State of the Kitchen Address, I feel compelled to say something ceremonial and expansive, like:

May the Hearth Goddess bless my kitchen and all our kitchens.

Kitchen Showing Sink Hole and Bamboo Countertop

Bamboo countertop with hole for the sink
Hot Stuff in Kitchen

My seriously hot contractor


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