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What Makes a Good (Food) Blog?

I’ve been asking myself this question lately, weighing my options. It comes down to this weird thing about quality vs. quantity, as in:

Do I write a little bit every day? (in my case, poor quality)


Do I write every few days? (better quality, one can hope)

I’m still not sure what makes a good blog. Content? Fun writing style? Recipes? Rants? Judging from the stats I get from WordPress, by far my most popular content is My Health Project page, outnumbering all other page reads by about 3:1. What does that tell me? Misery loves company. And perhaps food blogs just aren’t that interesting. Hmmm.

I’m off to cook to take my mind off this perplexing conundrum, and to muster up some interesting content for my next blog post.


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