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Adventures in Panna Cotta

I really love custards. But what’s not to love about cream, eggs, and sugar? Now that those three basic food groups are off my personal menu, I’ve struggled to come up with a good replacement.

I turn now to a favorite subject: panna cotta. Sally Schneider has a truly knockout recipe which I’m sure I’ve mentioned at least a thousand times on this blog already for panna cotta made with sour cream. It’s really divine.

But how can I have panna cotta without cow dairy? Strangely, not a whole lot is out there on the Internet about how to make panna cotta with goat milk. I have found one recipe that I am going to try very soon.

The basic problem is that panna cotta is cooked cream. The fat globules in goat milk are smaller than cow’s milk. I’m thinking that all those little fat globules you’d normally get with cream just don’t gel, literally.

So what about coconut milk? I’ve been experimenting and so far I have made a very tasty coconut-something-or-other that is more the consistency of yogurt, not panna cotta. But I’m almost there! Just a little more tweaking…and I shall have the recipe for you.


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