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The Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

Okay, so last night The Man and I hashed out our vegan Thanksgiving menu. I thought you’d be interested:

Nibble Course

Quince or calvados martinis with sugar rims and cranberry-candied-ginger toothpicks

Assorted olives and spicy roasted nuts

Salad Course

Mixed greens with pecans, pomegranate, and optional Oregonzola (our guest is from out of state and has expressed an interest in “a little dairy” on the Thanksgiving table)

Main Course

Stuffing-spiced turkey-shaped falafels with assorted sauces (cranberry, herbed tahini, catsup, Greek yogurt for The Man)

Mashed spuds with cashew gravy

Roasted green beans

Canned cranberry sauce (an absolute must in this family due to tradition)


Poached quince with pumpkin ice cream and ginger sauce

Optional port or coffee with cinnamon

Now I feel much better and it’s time for some shopping!


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A Vegan Thanksgiving

My vegan friend, RCMB, will be visiting The Man and I next week. What does that mean? Well, it means a vegan Thanksgiving, for starters. I neglected to mention this culinary challenge in previous posts, perhaps because my fears were getting the better of me. There were little exchanges in my mind going something like this:

Me: What should we make for Thanksgiving?

Myself: Well, between your food allergies and RCMB’s veganism…how about…sage-flavored dust?

Then, of course, there were questions about inviting guests. I quickly kaiboshed that because what kind of invitation would that be? My friends would be like, “Uh, should we…bring something?” I could imagine their dread.

So, it’ll be an intimate Thanksgiving this year, which is fine by the little hermit crab, anyway.

We are going to be serving stuffing-flavored falafels and possibly a nut loaf for our main course(s). One thing I’m going to try to find this weekend is a turkey-shaped cookie cutter so that we can mold the falafel mix into it before deep-frying for funtastic turkey-shaped falafels. We’ll be serving these with a variety of sauces to include things like cranberry-pomegranate, quince, tomato chutney (i.e., catsup), and herbed tahini.

Other menu items will include mashed spuds with cashew butter gravy, leafy greens of some sort, and likely a pumpkin ice cream or panna cotta or sauteed apples ala mode (people are way too pie-focused on Thanksgiving, so gotta break the mold there). And if I weren’t serving a vegan, I’d top this with bacon for sure.



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