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Cookbook Torture

Sitting here this holiday reading Alice Medrich’s amazing new book, Pure Desserts. Man, oh, man. Sometimes it is painful to have these food problems. I love to read cookbooks, but it’s come to the point where maybe I shouldn’t. Mainstream cookbooks, that is.

My fantasy is that someone like Alice Medrich will get celiac disease and become allergic to eggs and dairy (not that I wish this on anyone, mind you). To deal with the situation, she focuses her amazing genius and talent on creating an incredible tome like Pure Dessert for the food-allergic. For example, Butter Sugar Flour Eggs morphs into Oil Agave Sorghum Egg-Replacer. Yes! That is my fantasy!

I’ve read a lot of the vegan and otherwise allergic cookbooks that attempt such recipes. But what I’m talking about is something more accomplished and inspired.

My all-time favorite GF cookbook is Healthy Gluten-free Cooking by Darina Allen and Rosemary Kearney. Close seconds are The Best Gluten-free Family Cookbook and 125 Best Gluten-free Recipes by Donna Washburn and Heather Butt. Even so, you have to pick and choose from these if you have more than just a gluten allergy, which most celiacs I know do.

I know this cookbook doesn’t exist and I’ll just have to continue experimenting and modifying recipes, which is fine. But it would be nice, in my lifetime, to sit down and crack open Oil Agave Sorghum Egg-Replacer. It would be nice to drool over the beautiful photographs and beat a path to the kitchen to make something decadent and delicious.

In the meantime, I have Alice Medrich’s sherbet recipes to experiment with this spring. Thankfully, I’m still doing fine with goat milk.


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