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Menu for El Puerco de Julio

Once again, I’ve surprised myself by how long it’s taken me to post. I have been so busy I can hardly see straight. Somewhere in the chaos of daily life, I’ve come up with the menu for our second annual El Puerco de Julio Fiesta. Here ’tis:

  • Watermelon
  • Cole Slaw
  • Pulled Pork
  • The Man’s World Famous Gluten-free Mac and Cheese
  • Cornbread (gluten-free and maybe even a vegan version as well)
  • Ice Cream (coconut milk and agave based/gf vegan)

I’m still not sure about the ice cream flavor. We’ve been tossing around a lot of ideas, including just going vanilla and then providing fruit sauces such as peach, cherry (our trees are so weighted down with cherries at this point), lychee, and strawberry. I really like this idea, but honestly, it sounds like a lot of work, which is time I just don’t have right now. Other ideas are peach (using black-peach tea with peach chunks) and strawberry. I’m torn. Naturally, I want it to be perfect, so I’m having a hard time committing. I really need to kill my inner Martha!

Any ice cream flavor suggestions out there? What is traditional (since my menu is traditional) yet super yummy and maybe a little different too?


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Red, White, and Pork!

Summer is here (finally)! And I feel pressure to celebrate each and every sunny day in a properly worshipful way because summer is the most precious two-month window of time here in the PNW. I now totally understand why it’s not uncommon for families back east to move heaven and earth in order to wipe their schedules clean and go out to a lake for a month. Yep. I totally understand that now.

We’re having a party tomorrow to celebrate a few things: the birth of our great nation, the completion of our kitchen remodel, and pork (pictures, more recipes, and blog posts to follow). We went very traditional with the menu:

  • Coleslaw
    (DC is making me a special version without mayo. Woohoo!)
  • Cornbread
    (DL is making this; I’m going to skip it due to not being in the mood to make an allergy-free version.)
  • Barbecued ribs
    (I riff on this recipe by omitting the garlic and using 3/4 c of brandy instead of bourbon; I also add about 2-3 tsp each of salt and ground black pepper at the end.)
  • Slow-roasted pork with Sally Schneider’s ancho-cocoa-cinnamon rub
  • Peach ice cream (made with goat milk)
  • Mint juleps

Naturally, rain is forecast for tomorrow.

DL stoking his smoker
DL gearing up for the party by practicing with his new smoker.


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