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Winter Slaw

This is a nice little salad that’s refreshing in the depths of winter. It’s great with crab, and beef and pork roasts because it’s so light and sparkly against those flavors.

Winter Slaw

1 cup thinly sliced cabbage

1/2 of a Pink Lady apple, finely sliced

1/4 c walnuts, toasted

1 T coconut flakes, toasted

1 T extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

2 tsp white wine vinegar

salt and pepper to taste

Winter Slaw

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The Man’s Truly Amazing Pulled Pork

It’s the third annual El Puerco de Julio here at the homestead, hosted by me, The Man, and DL. Been busy the past few days shopping and cooking. I have definitely concluded that my favorite part of holidays is the full-day cooking part, not really the party part. Not that I don’t like the party part, but I just really enjoy cooking by myself in the kitchen for long stretches with my tunes on, Pickle lying on his bed, and pots on the stove. Right now I’m waiting for the butter and cream cheese to come to room temp so I can frost the cake. Lucky you, some time to blog!

This year’s El Puerco menu is something like this:

  • Saucy smoked ribs (this is a team MJ-DL effort)
  • Pulled pork (recipe below, all The Man)
  • Grilled pineapple
  • Lychees
  • Cherries from DL’s tree
  • 3 different versions of skillet cornbread
  • Pickles

Drinks include:

  • Homemade limeade
  • Homemade jamaica
  • Peach iced tea
  • Limoncello (The Man made last week)
  • Limecello (The Man made this week)


  • Cantaloupe-basil granita (DL made)
  • Red, White, and Blue Velvet Cake (recipe posted a few weeks ago here, the blue part modified for coconut flavor)


  • The Man made a version of Washus out of some scrap wood he had. However, it’s so pretty I almost don’t want to play it. We’re calling it: Pickle Piehole!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy with us out there in cyberspace:

DL in front of the smoker

"I don't have ten tablespoons of ground cumin!"

DL manhandles the ribs in the smoker

Layering the ribs in the smoker.

cherries in a colander

Cherries from DL's tree - before I ate them all.

The Man shows off his pork

The Man shows off his pulled pork.

Pickle Piehole triangle and washers

Pickle Piehole!!!

The Man’s Pulled Pork

This recipe started out like this, but through trial and error, The Man has perfected as follows.


3 1/2 lbs picnic roast/Boston butt, we prefer bone-in


1/4 c cumin seeds, toasted

1/4 c packed brown sugar

1/2 c sweet or hot paprika

1/8 c ground chili arbol

1/8 c ground New Mexico chili

1 tsp fresh ground nutmeg

1/4 c kosher salt

1/4 c black peppercorns buzzed a few times in the spice grinder

  1. This makes enough rub for three roasts. So divide it into thirds and put the remainder in your cupboard for future roasts.
  2. If there are huge layers of fat on the roast, trim them off and save for cracklings.
  3. Use a third of the rub mix to thoroughly coat the roast. Place it in the fridge overnight.
  4. Take out the roast and put it into a dutch oven.
  5. Place foil flat across the dutch oven and then put the lid on to seal the container. Cook in a dutch oven at 275F for 4 hours.
  6. Take the roast out of the dutch oven and set aside.
  7. Pour the juices leftover in the dutch oven into a bowl and place that bowl in the freezer until the fat solidifies at the top. Scrap off the fat.
  8. Put the roast back into the dutch oven and pour the juices back over it. Shred the meet using two forks.
  9. To serve, pour over some of the sauce, but not all of it (it would be overwhelming) to taste. Then, serve the sauce on the side so folks can add more as they want.
  10. Many people serve this with buns of some sort for sandwiches. Personally, I don’t miss the bun part.


3/4 c white vinegar

1 T Flameboy hot sauce (or your choice)

1 T sugar

2 tsp red pepper flakes

Ground black pepper to taste

Combine all of that in a small bowl. For serving, it’s nice to put it in a plastic squeeze jar with a lid big enough to accommodate the red pepper flakes.

And in other news, oh yeah, I’m leaving for France on Tuesday. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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Pork Roast Party

I’ve been thinking of my blog lately as my own personal cookbook, like I’m finally writing down and collecting my favorite recipes here for myself (and hopefully others). The criteria lately has been: is this a recipe or technique I’d tell my sisters about?

Which brings us to pork roast. If there’s one thing I do well, it’s pork roast. Not that it takes a culinary genius. Pork roast is one of those things that makes you look like a really good cook. I don’t have any pictures of this roast because I make it so often that in my mind it’s as mundane as spaghetti or meatloaf. The funny thing is, it’s ridiculously good, economical, and I would give the recipe to my sisters.

So here it is:

Insanely Tasty Pork Roast

3-5 lb pork shoulder

3 t salt

2 t coriander seeds

1 t cumin seeds, toasted

1 t fenugreek

1 t red pepper flakes

2 T olive oil

  1. Grind all but the roast and olive oil in your spice grinder.
  2. Pour the olive oil into a bowl and mix in the ground-up spices.
  3. Lovingly rub your roast with the oil-spice mixture. It’s going to feed you for days, so treating it tenderly will make it taste better. Also, some people like to cut off the fat of the roast. I’m against this because I love fat.
  4. Wrap up the roast and place it in the fridge overnight.
  5. The next day, preheat your oven to 275F around 2-3 p.m.
  6. Unwrap the roast and place it in a dutch oven. Then place a sheet of foil gently over the top and put the lid on. This is a technique I learned from Sally Schneider which works really well.
  7. Place the dutch oven in the oven and let roast cook for 3 hours at 275F.
  8. Remove and let rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.
  9. Pig out. Gawwwd, I’m punny.
  10. Freeze the leftovers. They’re great taken to work in individual freezer servings.

Let me know if you make this because, really, it’s one of my favorite recipes.

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Last-minute Holiday Roast

Okay, you’re desperate.  You want something e-a-s-y. You want to go to the store, come home, and toss it in the oven. And it needs to be good.

So here you go: last-minute holiday roast. I actually made this last night, so I can tell you that it’s good and made with stuff I have around–trust me on this since we’ve been snowed in for days now.

Slow Roast MMMM!

3.5 lb roast of beef, pork, or goat (I used beef, but I prefer pork)

1/4 c bacon fat (optional, I option, of course)

4 T dried rosemary

3 t salt

1/2 c dried shiitake mushrooms or other mushrooms

3 T balsamic vinegar (the no-sulfite kind for your food-freaky friends)

1/3 c white wine (same note as above)

Makes a huge load of slow-roasted meat. Mmmm!

  1. Preheat oven to 275F.
  2. Coat the bottom of your dutch oven with bacon fat. Extra tasty!
  3. Toss in 2 T of the dried rosemary, the mushrooms, balsamic, and wine.
  4. Sprinkle the roast with the salt. It works best if you let it sit overnight like this, but if you don’t have time, you don’t have time.
  5. Put the roast into the pot. Toss 2 more T of dried rosemary onto the top of the roast.
  6. Cover the pot with foil, then put the dutch oven lid on the pot. This technique is recommended by Sally Schneider. It works well, so now I do it every time I roast a roast.
  7. Let cook at 275F for 3 hrs. Let meat rest before serving. I like to cut it up in the pot so that it soaks up the jus like so:
  8. Enjoy!

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