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Yuletide Greetings!

Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season!

Pickle in Gingerbread Men Lights

Are these edible?

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Happy Halloween 2011! Guess who?

This post is dedicated to my cousin, LG, who is laid up, sicker than a, ahem, dog. May the Pickle-force be with you, L.

Knock-knock! Don’t you wish you were trick-or-treating at my house? Here’s who’s answering the door this year:

The Pickle Pooh!

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Happy Easter 2011!

Instead of an Easter basket, Pickle got to lick the bacon skillet this morning.

Don't say I never gave you anything, buddy.

And in his Easter outfit:

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Happy Halloween 2010!

Here it is, folks, what you’ve all been waiting for:

Pickle as a cheerleader for Halloween

Two, four, six, eight, who does Pickle really hate?! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!

And he’s been wearing this the past week as his more low-key Halloween gear. (He’ll be answering the door as a cheerleader, of course).

Pickle in a pirate shirt

Pickle the Pirate, argh!!!

Please, please, take me away from these people.


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Our Gluten-free Easter Menu

I live for holidays. The older I get, the more enjoyable and important they become. Easter is one of the holidays The Man and I celebrate away from our families, so we have to make it extra fun. Naturally that means special food that I look forward to.

So here’s what I’m looking forward to on Sunday. You’ll note my intense Sour Tooth of late. I don’t know what’s up with my taste buds, but I can’t get enough SOUR these days.

  • Butter lettuce salad with grapefruit and avocado
  • Scalloped cauliflower with ham (using the scalloped potatoes recipe from my 1974 Joy of Cooking)
  • Otto’s bockwursts, grilled (makes my mouth water just thinking about it), with mustard and sauerkraut
  • Keylime panna cotta
  • Iced tea and/or pinot noir, depending on our moods

Also, Pickle LOVES Easter. My guess is that he likes hunting edible, colorful things (eggs) around the house with his pack. Here’s one of my favorite Pickle Easter photos. He bats the eggs around and tries to eat them.

Pickle trying to eat an easter egg

Too big! Must crunch with sharp incisors!

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Happy New Year!

And I say good riddance to 2009 as well.

Here’s what I’ll be doing tonight:

Homemade liqueurs in glass jars

Homemade Hooches

My sister is a fellow homemade hoochaholic. Over the holiday we swapped, so now I have–in order of preference: strawberry (hers), quince (mine), pomegranate (hers), and apricot (mine). Yum!

And a belated Merry Christmas to all from Mr. Pickle!

Pickle with antlers on

I look ridiculous, therefore it must be a holiday.

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Eeek! A Spider!

Pickle dressed in a spider costume
“Happy Halloween!” –Pickle

More dog torture:

PIckle_Spider on couch
Please…help me.

And for those of you looking for a last-minute Halloween  treat, this pumpkin fudge is quite easy and surprisingly tasty. Here it is in the pan on its way to work with me:

pumpkin fudge
Mmmm, pumpkiny!

Happy Halloween to all!

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Pickle El Puerquito


Ohhhhhhh...I licked way too many plates this year.


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