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Cocktail Blast from the Past

The wonders of the Internet…you know, when people from your deep, dark past contact you out of the blue and shock you so hard you lose your breath? Yep, I just had one of those moments.

But it’s a HAPPY moment! (thank goodness…hoooooo, have I heard some sto-ries!) This person, we’ll call him George, completely blew my mind and actually sent along a fantastically fun photo to jog my memory (this was over twenty years ago, people!) I had a great laugh (with him, not at him). He really made me reminisce in the best possible way. I was so glad to hear about some very old pals and to know that they are alive and well in the world. Sigh…

Stargaze Greyhound, FMT Style

2 parts Absolut vodka

4-5 parts grapefruit juice


  1. Pour ingredients into a fabulous glass mug from the 1970s, the kind your mom still has at the back of her cupboard somewhere…or is maybe even still using actually.
  2. Crank up the Bronski Beat soundtrack and rock out a little bit whilst kicking back several of these. It’s Saturday night, baby!
  3. Lose track of time and space.
  4. Drink so many that you have to walk around your suburban neighborhood with your pals to keep the spins away, and maybe run through the park sprinklers and play a little game involving a certain pegasus/water fountain statue and a huge bottle of industrial strength dishwashing liquid.
  5. Maybe fall asleep at some point. Or not.
  6. Tiptoe over the sleeping body of your best friend and stagger downstairs at 6 a.m. to watch Charles Kurault’s Sunday Morning with your mom, who drinks coffee, watches TV, and does the crossword while humming a Willie Nelson tune. Feel that homey feeling.
  7. Eat several packages of Saltine crackers and later that day hang out at Lake Elizabeth with your pals, feeding the ducks.
  8. Come home and overhear your older sister CJ telling your mom about enormous clouds of bubbles floating across a certain main street.
  9. Twenty years later, remember all of this very fondly.

Thanks for the memories, George!

A very famous statue in my hometown
A very famous statue in my hometown featuring a pegasus being pelted by streams of water

Note from SE on the back of the above photo regarding a late-night prank on said statue (after too many greyhounds).
Note from SE on the back of the above photo regarding a late-night prank on the poor pegasus (after too many greyhounds)

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Best Food Writers, or, Even More Fun with Food Metaphors

I have my home page set to Poetry Daily. It’s awesome to get a new poem every day and to learn about poets I’ve never heard of. But TODAY’S poem, “Elizabeth Sloughter’s Heart,” by Sarah Kennedy, really knocked me out! Why? Because it’s about food, history, and women, three of my favorite topics.  I’m off to order Kennedy’s book, Home Remedies, now.

This got me to thinking about my favorite food writers. I’ve taken turns through Ruth Reichl, Jeffrey Steingarten, Calvin Trillin, Anthony Bourdain, and hmmm, who else? I always loved R.W. Apple Jr. and, of course, MFK Fisher. And I’m leaving Michael Pollan off that list because while he is writing about food, he is not often also writing about pleasure.

But I asked myself, who am I missing here? Why haven’t I yet read Edna Lewis or Elizabeth David? Here is a really excellent discussion on the topic of best food writers, from which I have built a new reading list for myself (I’m really terrible at follow-through, so don’t hold me to this). There are really just too many to choose from!

  • Edna Lewis, The Taste of Country Cooking
  • Elizabeth David, anything
  • Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
  • Jonathan Gold, Counter Intelligence: Where to Eat in the Real Los Angeles (I love listening to Gold when he’s on Good Food)

And here you were thinking: Oh how nice, a post about poetry. See, food isn’t the only thing this girl thinks about.

What about y’all? What are your favorite non-cookbook books about food? I’d love to know.


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