Fresh Mangosteens, Yay!

Last weekend they had mangosteens at the Chinese grocery store up the street, but just as I was sidling up to the bin, another lady snatched away the very last bag. When I asked the clerk if there were more in the back, he said that was it, no more. Whaaaaa! Alas, I had to wait until this weekend to return and get my own bag. So, here they are!


On the outside, they are like the lovechild of a persimmon and an aging pomegranate–think leathery shell with crackling blossom on top. Here’s a close-up:

So pretty.

So pretty.

And here it is cut it in half by running a knife around its circumference and then popping off the bottom peel:

Cut open. You can suck out in one giant gulp, or eat section by section, like an orange.

You can suck out the fruit in one giant gulp, or eat it section by section, like an orange.

Here’s another one for good measure. Despite the spots, still tasted delicious:


The awesome R. W. Apple Jr. described them as “litchis, peaches and clementines, mingled in a single succulent mouthful”, but I think I’d have to add banana-custard-lemon in there as well. They are really, really good. Still, I think I’m more of a lychee addict, which is why I was at the Chinese market in the first place. Also, the mangosteens are $8/lb while the lychees, thankfully, are less than $3/lb.

Fun fact! Lychees seriously thin your blood. If you’re taking coumadin and doing that whole routine for a health issue, you’ll notice that your numbers go a bit wacky if you’ve eaten a lot of lychees that week. I speak from experience on this.

Doh, just remembered that I actually wrote a whole piece about lychees and interviewed my pal DL about them a few years ago here.

Enjoy your lychees and mangosteens, everyone!

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