Week Two, Endurance

I meant to post a week 1 update, but alas, I was too busy packing ice onto my burning flesh. All I can say about the first week is: pure misery. Here are some highlights:

  • Absolutely no sleep
  • Gunk coming out of my eyes like crazy
  • A clear goo oozing out of the rest of me
  • Burning, burning, and, oh, more burning

Here’s how I looked at the end of week 1:

Not pretty.

Not pretty. But better than the first few days.

Foolishly, I thought I would be above average in this whole healing experience. Why? Because I am upbeat and positive, and naturally the Universe would want to reward me for that, right? Wrong. A couple of days after this picture was taken, the “red sleeves” came on and the red bumps spread out to my back, butt, and legs. I was going backwards, not forwards.

I had been hoping that healing would be linear, that every day I would improve just a little. Wrong again. This going-backwards interlude ended with a serious crying jag because I hadn’t slept in days. Oddly, it seemed like my eyes would not actually produce tears. I’m hoping I was imagining that.

Fast forward to the end of week two. Better. Improving. Marginally. I slept through the night for the past two nights, one of them without ice packs. Massive victory! I’m drying up and shedding skin all over the place. My eyes and lips have little cuts all around them that make living unpleasant. And I generally feel gross and awful and like I still have the worse sunburn ever in the history of the world. But, I am trying to stay positive. I figure I’ve got nothing but my shiny attitude.

I haven’t left the house since this whole thing started except to go to the doctor. It’s August and bloody hot, so I’ve been hiding in the temperature-controlled basement. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work from home, thank goodness.

Here’s how I look today, at the end of week two:

photo (3)

I’m improving, right? RIGHT?



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2 responses to “Week Two, Endurance

  1. nora jennings

    OMG!! Mel, that is exactly how I look and feel when I get poison oak,swollen eyes and it burns like a whoo haa!! Very miserable. I so can relate to this part of what you are dealing with but not because of a food allergy. And predinsone is the medicine that works the best too for the poison oak. Maybe some of the poison oak remedies might help you feel a little better. Might be worth a try, Have you tried the oatmeal baths? That is what helps with the poison oak and I also was told just recently by one of my old lady clients that she used vinegar on her kids when they got poison oak, so the last time I got it (which was a few months ago) I tried the vinegar, it did seem to work well as it dried it out and took some of the burn away. I am willing to try anything as William and I get the stuff really bad.We just cut some trees l down last week and we thought we got into the poison oak so we had our techno soap showers as quick as we could and luckily we didn’t get any..
    Sleeping is the worst as you get hot under the covers and it makes it burn more.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Love you,

    • mjennings26

      I have tried a warm bath with apple cider vinegar, which the hippies think cures everything. I have tried any of the Aveeno oatmeal baths just because my skin is actually all broken up right now and I just don’t trust that I won’t be irritated by it.

      It’s not caused by a food allergy, just overuse of topical steroids. I’ve been using them for years for my eczema. Good times!

      Thanks so much for the encouragement!


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