A Stylish Update for the New Year!

A new year, a new bloggy style pour moi! My old WordPress theme was getting rather stale to my eyes, and not in a good-old-crusty-bread kind of way. I’m hoping this new, very clean and crisp theme will encourage me to take and post more photos here. I sold my Nikon D40 last year in a stuff-purge and am now using only my iPhone for photography. There are so many interesting apps out there for modifying phone photos, so I should be able to get creative. Now, whether or not I actually post more photos is an entirely different matter.

But, oh, look! Here’s one now!


My view from the Sterling Room, where I sometimes write. This is my vote for the best view in Portland, Oregon.

Oh, and another!

Rug with a rose print

The carpet in the Sterling Room, also the best in Portland. And do admire my new rain boots while you’re at it.

Bonne Annee to all my friends, family, and total strangers out there!

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One response to “A Stylish Update for the New Year!

  1. madre

    love the winter scene window photo

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