SCD Thanksgiving Recipes

Thought I’d do a little roundup of SCD Thanskgiving recipes since I myself have been poking around the interwebs this week scouting for turkey-day yumminess. Here we go, yee-haaa!

  • BTVC-SCD group on Yahoo — Marilyn, an amazing resource on this amazing list for SCDers has some Thanksgiving recipes in the Files section that I’ve always wanted to try. If you don’t know how to make gravy or stuffing ala SCD, her recipes look right up your alley. (You’ll need to join the group to see the recipes.)
  • Mrs. Ed always has great recipes. Here are some of her holiday recipes. That Cranberry Crumb Cake is CALLING ME! I need to Block that Caller, for sure. Wow.
  • ComfyTummy’s bacon and egg muffins might just be this year’s Thanksgiving dinner rolls. Hoooo-wee.
  • And of course there’s my own Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry Sauce (actually a People’s Co-op recipe), and Chicken Pate recipes, all of which I continue to love. Note that for the pate I’ve been subbing with straight-up chicken livers, which I’m able to buy in bulk at my local store, hallelujah.

Hope y’all have a great Thanksgiving! Here’s another pic of the Champoeg Farms chickens and ducks (man, it was dreary that day):

chickens and ducks at Champoeg Farms

Seemed a little torturous that they had to look at their pumpkin treats just outside their pens all day. Poor delicious dinners!

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