Fall Foraging in the Northwest

The only excuse I can offer for not posting in a coon’s age is, in a word, summer. Enough said.

To make up for it, here are a bunch of photos of things the Foodie family foraged from the fields of the Willamette Valley this weekend. Yea! And once again, I wish I were a better photographer.

Mixed walnuts in their shells. Fond memories of walnut gathering as a kid out in Niles Canyon. 🙂

Rose hips for jelly and tea. I can’t determine whether these are SCD legal or not. Anyone know?

Hazelnuts. There were so many, people literally had buckets to collect them in. We collected about two of these jars full. Plans for these include a homemade SCD gianduja.

Hazelnuts still in the flower. This is how they look coming off the tree and often on the ground. Over time, they fall out of the flower and just the nut is left. These flowers are dry and crackly, like a corn husk, and prickly on one’s fingers.

Seeds from wildflowers. I think the one on the left is Centaurium erythraea (Common centaury) and the one on the right is Tanacetum vulgare (Common tansy). Shout out to the awesome pnwflowers.com. I’ve gotten into using Latin names lately, the reason for which I hope to blog about soon.

Saving the best for last! These came from a neighbor’s quince tree, about as local as one can get. This is probably 50-70 lbs, which is all we could gather from the tree (some were too high up to reach). I’m hoping to make quince jack this year for a friend’s speakeasy party in early December, among other things.

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