SCD Doughnuts

I made Kendall Conrad’s doughnuts last night. They’re delish, like everything else in her cookbook. What’s more, they’ll make a great master recipe for things like carrot cake, lemon cake, and spice cake, all of which could be made into doughnut form factors. Which is good, because I bought two of the special baked doughnut pans.

Last night I had one topped with whipped French cream. Mmmm. Here’s a pic sans cream:

Kendall Conrad's SCD Doughnut

And in other news, I finally got a smart phone (iPhone 4)! I’m now living in 2011, late to the party as usual. It’s definitely a life-changer to have the Internet in your pocket, available anywhere, anytime. It’s going to be especially helpful for our trip to Miami and France next year. I tried to create this post from my phone, and it was all going great until I tried to add the photo, which is not possible yet through WordPress’ mobile interface. Time will fix that, I’m sure. I’m excited that this little machinery could help me to blog a lot more. Yea!

Next up, a photo diary of how we got a ten-year-old camellia bush into our backyard. Stay tuned.


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2 responses to “SCD Doughnuts

  1. fat lazy celiac

    You can actually put a picture in with the app. When you have the cursor where you want to put the pic, press the little film strip icon in the bottom right.

    • mjennings26

      Well, huh. Not sure why I wasn’t seeing that. I’ll try again. Thanks for the tip, fat lazy celiac (terrific handle, btw).

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