Backyard Landscaping Projects Update

I thought I’d give you a little update to how things have been progressing in the yard since the last big push (see photos here) when we put a ton of new plants in the ground. Here’s how things are looking today:

View of the yard and patio from the kitchen window.

View from the patio.

Another view from the patio -- massive tomato jungle on the right.

View into the patio -- I'm standing now in the middle of the yard.

Chocolate Cosmos -- amazing! Everyone should have these. They really do smell like chocolate. These are growing at the base of the native crabapple (malus fusca), newly planted in the middle of the yard.

Despite there being a metric buttload of new plants on the slope, it's taking too long to fill in and looks like/is a bed of weeds with cherry bark spread throughout. There are two new camellias in here, the Margie (center-right), and another (on the left) that is supposed to be a fall bloomer. Also many natives (salal, sword ferns, huckleberry, serviceberry, ninebark, nootka rose, woods rose, Indian plum, salmonberry, and another native crabapple).

To the right of the slope is this new yarrow garden with four different colors/varieties, near two native twinberries, all of which I'm loving. Yarrows are known to spread, so I'm hoping they just take over here and completely fill in. This is near the native iris I discovered a few weeks ago.

View of the dahlia garden on the right and the awful gray wall of our neighbor's carport. The bamboo contraption is.... well, something The Man built. I'll say no more about that. But it does hold the bird feeders rather nicely.

Another view of the dahlias. This is all blooming like crazy now and is AWESOME. Mixed in there are some germanders, catmint, native currants, teucrium azurium, oriental poppies, nasturtiums, western azalea, and tolmeia menziesii "Taft's Gold," which is a native evergreen ground cover.

Dahlia beds with the existing camellia that we love.

View to the house.

Next I’ll post some photos about some of the individual plants that have been rocking my world. (Note: this blog morphed into a gardening blog for the month of August).

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