SCD Progress

I was reading an old post about my progress with SCD and happy to see how far I’ve come (that post is under “November 2010” on My Health Project page). I’ve been on SCD about 9 months now and I’m doing much, much better. This time last year I was unable to leave the house due to my allergies–my face would swell up and my eyes would practically bleed just walking from the front door to the car. My rash was out of control and my digestion issues were raging. Seriously, it was bad. After ignoring everything as long as humanly possible, I got back on the SCD. For those interested in the gory details, read My Health Project page.

So, anyway, it’s nice to see some progress. And not just a little, but a LOT. I’m having a fantastic summer! I’m able to go outside, work in my yard, ride my bike, and generally be normal, which is spectacular. My allergies are way better and very manageable. The rash is under control with just a few problem spots that I continue to work on. My current regimen consists of SCD, acupuncture and Chinese herbs, yoga/meditation, and exercising (bike commuting). My digestion is normal now (meaning that it actually works).

From January through June I cut out fruit and honey and I think that really helped kill off some resistant gut bugs that were causing a lot of heartburn. I’m doing a lot better with that. I’ve started adding back some fruit and honey, and so far, the heartburn only gets me when I’ve clearly eaten something that even a normie would find problematic, like tomatoes or onions. I also notice that if I eat too richly or overeat, I get heartburn. So, apparently, I just have a tendency to get heartburn that I need to be mindful of. No problem.

I continue to only be able to eat a little of the SCD yogurt. If I eat too much, my digestion stops working. For whatever reasons, aged cheese is perfectly fine, but the yogurt must be enjoyed in moderation. I’m hoping this changes someday and I’ll be able to eat loads of it, because it’s one of my very things about SCD actually, especially with SCD jelly whipped into it. Yummers.

Anyway, that’s how I’m doing today. I’ll put this into My Health Project page when I post next because I like having these progress reports for posterity.

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