Backyard Landscaping Projects 2011

Here are some pics of the backyard projects I promised a while back. I’m hoping that what you see here (or don’t see, rather) will be full of summer flowers by August. Basically, The Man dug up new beds off the patio and extended the beds next to our neighbor’s carport (the grey cinderblock wall). We are Backyard Habitat program participants, so the focus is on native plants to attract birds and bees. I’ll update again in August.

A bunch of native plants from the plant sale. We got all of these in the ground a few weeks ago.

This is the backyard facing south. That slope back there was full of ivy just a couple of months ago. Now full of native plants.

Facing north, towards the house. Note the new bed off the patio. I've put some snowberry in here to be a privacy screen and also some zinnias and inside-out flowers.

This is facing west. These two new beds will be intersected by a wood-chip path and be dahlia beds. Also included here are native azaleas and more snowberries. The bed next to the wall is full of salad greens and herbs.

Close-up of the slope. It's hard to see here, but it's now planted with sword ferns, red flowering currants, ninebarks, salal, thimbleberries, salmonberries, twinberries, nootka roses, a pacific crabapple, woods roses, oxalis, and some other natives I can't remember. This will probably be a maintenance nightmare in five years, and I look forward to having that problem! It looks pretty hideous today, although not as bad as the ivy.

The patio. The dream is to have a nice garden full of flowers all summer to look at from here. Grow, plants! Faster!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Grace! The patio looks nice & lovely!

    We just baught our dreamhouse in Mechelen, about 20 km north of Brussels & we will be having a garden too! I can’t wait to grow more veggies myself. Last year, I grew cherry & yellow tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, lettuce, herbs, arugula, & 2 chiliplants with huge success. In our new garden are 2 fid trees too! 🙂

    Many greets from sunny Brussels to you!! 🙂

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