The Partial Hog

We went in on a share of a pig with some friends through Tails & Trotters’ “Pork Share” program. Our freezer is now full of pork. Wow. Recipes to follow!

We did this because:

  • Meat quality (i.e., the very best we have tasted)
  • Economical!
  • Local farmer
  • Unusual cuts and pieces (I’m a huge fan of “parts”)
  • PORK BELLY (need I say more?)


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4 responses to “The Partial Hog

  1. nora

    Hi Mel,
    I have been thinking of raising couple of pigs. I looked for some ham hocks the other day to make beans and couldn’t find any without the nitrates in them. Maybe you can’t make them without it.. Guess I will have to check it out further.
    I made a pork butt roast in the crock pot the other day, it was so delish..mmmm mmmm

  2. mjennings26

    Wow! That would be awesome. I’m signing up now for the parts (feet, tongue, tail). Mmmmm! You can name the pigs “Dinner” and “Bacon.”

    • nora

      The Tail!!! ???? What do you do with the tail??? Doesn’t sound to good. I will raise one for you hows that??
      Dinner and Bacon sound like great names, ha ha ha

  3. mjennings26

    I haven’t actually eaten pork tail, but I’m assuming it bears at least some resemblance to cow tail, which I love! Mmmm.

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