Back on the SCD Wagon

Yep, I’m back on the SCD wagon. If you want to know the gory details, you can check out My Health Project page, which I just updated.

I also updated my Blogroll (see right sidebar) because I need the handy links to those awesome SCD bloggers out there. They are making a world of difference this time around on the SCD, lemme tell you. Thank you!!!! And, bonus, a couple are from Canada and they just had their Thanksgiving! More recipes for me and The Man to choose from this year. Woohoo!

Some things I’m noticing this time on the SCD that I don’t want to forget, in the form of a pep talk to myself:

  • Ritualize your food. Skip bagged tea. Go for the full brewing of herbs and teas and draw out the process as long as possible. Playing with food is fun for you and keeps you interested in it. Otherwise, you go buggy and get all angry about “having” to do the SCD.
  • There is just a ton-load more interest and information about the SCD out there. Go out and read it when you feel down. Use your updated Blogroll, sweetie.
  • Do the yogurt. Could be another interesting, useful, and fun food ritual. Perhaps first need a break from dairy altogether, however.
  • Mind your attitude. You know you are your own worst enemy. Work on that. Embrace the change. You’re gonna get healthier. It feels good to have something to try that is natural and easy (okay, relatively easy, and beats prednisone).
  • Do your yoga and other self-care activities. Must do this! You are so bad at this. Must improve.

Okay, that’s it. I’m sure I’ll think of more, but that’s a good start. Wish me luck!


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2 responses to “Back on the SCD Wagon

  1. alcibiades

    Hey, I just wanted to support you on the SCD. It’s a lot easier if you join one of the support groups because people there will a) support you and b) help you puzzle out and solve issues that come up that are bumps on the road. There’s a big one at , although there are a lot of smaller groups, too.

    If you want a non-dairy SCD yogurt, you can also find a recipe for delicious coconut yogurt at said site.

    Also, as you say, doing yoga is really therapeutic. It helps a lot.

    • mjennings26

      Wow! Thank you SO much. This is extremely helpful. I’m definitely going to sign up for the Yahoo group. I had been looking for SCD folks on Twitter, and there are a few, but I think the Yahoo list will be a great support. If you are on Twitter, do let me know! I’m @mjennings26.

      I had no idea there was an SCD coconut yogurt. Holy cow. That is a whole new level! But, I’m EMBRACING IT! So hear hear!

      Thanks again for all this and please keep in touch! I would love to hear your story and any specific issues you have resolved, how long you have been SCD, etc. Cosmic hug to you!

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