Le Antiques Brocante

Today there was a big antiques fair in the village square. When I say antiques, I really mean antiques, and not just a lot of junk. Think gorgeous armoires, velvet-covered chairs, silver service sets up the wazoo, beaucoup de linens authentique, and then slightly more mundane things like fantastic jewelry, plates, old books and postcards, and rugs. Sadly, there was no food.

But we made up for that by having lunch with J in the square. Beaucoup sadly, I could hardly understand a word he said. Something about tourism in the village. But he was incredibly sweet to even accept our lunch offer so that I could practice French with him. It turned out that he practiced English instead.

I’ve spent most of my time in France so far shopping in open-air markets. No complaints here.

antique buttons on a table

Awesome antique buttons.

fancy chair at an antiques market


ivory carving of an animal skull


a house in the village square during antiques brocante

The corner of the square during the antiques market.

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