Better than the Baby Jesus in Velvet Booties: The “Gourmet” Market

Help! I’m in a dream and I never want to wake up!

Not only do they have the “regular” farmer’s market every Thursday, but they have a “gourmet” market every Thursday night in the summer months. Wowsers! Or, as they say here, it’s better than the baby Jesus in velvet booties. I’m not sure how to translate that.

The gourmet market features more prepared, eat-it-here kinds of foods, but there are still plenty of fruits and veg if you missed the earlier market. For the gourmet market, they set up long white tables in the center of the square and tons of people come out for a kind of communal party-dinner for the evening. There was a band playing and it was all quite festive. I tried to buy two plastic cups of rose, but the gal thought I was saying two bottles of rose! Clearly, I need more speaking practice.

Dish of french fries with sign saying they're fried in duck fat

The best thing that's ever happened to me: fries fried in duck fat.

Merguez sausages with green lentils

Dinner: merguez lentilles

MJ drinking from a bottle of rose

It's going to be a great night. Drinking rose with J.


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5 responses to “Better than the Baby Jesus in Velvet Booties: The “Gourmet” Market

  1. RCMB

    french fries AND french churros! yay!

  2. I am *so* happy for you, finally being there and it living up to your dreams. And I’m so happy for me, enjoying the words and pics–at least I have that! And I’ll take that.
    (I comment on this post in particular because, really, they say that in France?! Giggle giggle!)

  3. Colleen

    I’m so happy for you – what an amazing experience. I’m also soooooooooo jealous of you! Food heaven – nuthin’ like it!

  4. Ro-bear Boissiere

    have also seen the expression “better than the baby Jesus in velvet booties: iMichael Saunders book about living for a year in Les Arques (Lot) titled, From Here, You Can’t See Paris. Am curious to see the expression written in French. Envy you the experience/opportunity to revel in the food and the pace of life. Have not been to France since ’56 with my parents, as a lad. Am happy for you to have the experience.

  5. mjennings26

    Ro-bear, thanks so much for the comment. I have actually read that fantastic book!

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