40th Birthday Extravaganza

I have to admit I was a little depressed today to return to my normal life after a week of birthday festivities. It was a rough transition back to the world. But now that I’m FORTY, I’m old enough to know I’ll live through it.

Here’s what I did, with pictures!

  • On my birthday eve, I had an amazing dinner at Fenouil with The Man that included some truly outstanding foie gras and a panna cotta with a sorrel gelee and a radish/peach/scallion/salt garnish (I’m a huge fan of sorrel, and inventive desserts). They even wrote “Happy Birthday, Melanie” in chocolate sauce on my plate, which made me feel the joy-happiness-wild-abandon of a five-year-old. Sadly, I don’t have the proper technology to get the picture from my phone onto my blog. Argh.
  • Saw “The Square,” a modern film noir, Australian-style. For those of you who enjoyed “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead,” I highly recommend it. HELP.
  • Spent my birthday-day meeting with friends for coffee and chocolates, and an incredible lunch brought to my house by DL of his amazing homemade pates (duck/hazelnut/cherry and pork in all forms) and a PLATTER of Steve’s cheeses. HOOOOO.

    Two gigantic loaves of pate and several rounds of cheese

    Yes, we ate ALL of this.

  • Had another rich and festive dinner at Park Kitchen with a few pals who provided great conversation. YEA!
  • Joined a bigger group of pals for Darcelle XV’s exceptionally entertaining drag show. I can confidently say that I will never in my life forget her rendition of Glenn Campbell’s, “Rhinestone Cowboy.” VIVA DARCELLE! You made it…memorable!

    DL and MJ with LM

    LIZA!!! An INSPIRED performance!!!

  • Soaked up a lot of booze red wine at Potato Champion, as one does after such a night.

    MJ stuffing face with fried spuds

    The REAL Potato Champion.

  • Ran off the next morning with The Man to the wilds of eastern Oregon like a pair of hillbilly newlyweds, camping for three nights and racking up 81 bird species, a personal best.

    The Man and Pickle on the Blitzen River, Oregon

    Pickle and The Man enjoy a nature hike on the Blitzen River, Oregon.

  • Basked in the glow of the best friends and best birthday ever. I hope the rest of the year is half as good.


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2 responses to “40th Birthday Extravaganza

  1. Now THAT’S the way to usher in the beginning of the fourth and best decade!

  2. mjennings26

    Haaaa! I wish you could have been there.

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