New Cascadia Traditional Bakery

I’ve followed New Cascadia Traditional gluten-free bakery from their humble farmer’s market beginnings to their full-fledged and beautiful cafe space in Southeast Portland. I’ve always been a huge fan of their vegan chocolate cupcake, so much so I don’t allow myself to get it anymore.

Today I tried the margarita pizza for lunch, which was pretty good. It’s a thin crust, which is a nice contrast to the thick crust they serve at Picazzo’s. I got the vegan chocolate chip cookie too, which I think is actually better than the non-vegan variety. I’ll have to go back and verify that several more times, just to be sure (wink).

I also got a sourdough loaf to go. When I got it home, The Man picked it up, chuckled, and said, “Gluten-free, right?” because it weighs a ton. I think there is just no way to make a light and airy gluten-free sourdough loaf. If there is, I have yet to taste it. That being said, their sourdough is pretty darn tasty and makes an incredible grilled cheese when you slice it thin.

I’m super grateful to have such a fantastic gluten-free bakery in my extended neighborhood. I hope someday they decide to add deli sandwich options to their menu because that would be the ultimate for me. In the meantime, I’m happy to make my own grilled cheese at home:

Grilled brie on New Cascadia's gluten-free sourdough

Grilled brie-salami-mustard on New Cascadia's gluten-free sourdough


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3 responses to “New Cascadia Traditional Bakery

  1. Not sure if you would ever be interested in baking your own gluten free sourdough but if you are check out my blog:

    Happy Eating,

  2. The Savor food cart at 10th and alder makes a terrific grilled cheese using new Cascadia bread. In general, I don’t eat grains at home, so to have a grilled cheese sandwich is a miracle to me.

    ps. thanks for your blog.

  3. mjennings26

    Thanks so much for the comments, gals!

    Sharon: A whole blog devoted to gluten-free sourdough?! Now that is something I will definitely explore. Thank you so much!

    Mary Rose: I have been to the Savor cart and noted that they have sandwiches with New Cascadia bread, but every time I’ve gone there, it’s because I’ve been in the mood for soup. I never seem to remember that they also have GF sandwiches available. Savor is such a treasure! If their sandwiches are anything like their soups, then I really do need to try them.

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