Cooking, Writing, Blogging, Living

I know I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, and for that, my apologies. But know that I have been thinking a lot about this blog. And not only about this blog, but about life, living, writing, cooking, and blogging. My brain has been working overtime, for sure. Not to mention my current addiction to all things Olympic (in fact, I have to keep this short! Men’s figure skating starts in a few minutes and I HAVE TO SEE Johnny Weir’s costume!)

I’ve been contemplating my blog super-mucho these days: What is a blog? What is this blog? Who reads this blog? Etc. Is it the easiest way for my family and friends to see what The Man, Pickle, and I are up to? Is it my own personal cookbook? Is it a journal of one woman and her experiences living, eating, and cooking with celiac disease? Is it all of these things? And why do I need to get so existential about it? Why not just blog and leave it at that? Hmmm, not sure. Maybe because I’m introspective by nature. I’ve always been motivated by a desire to know.

It bugs me that I don’t post more often. But truth be told, I have a full-time job, a second part-time job as a fiction writer, a spouse, a dog-child, a house, and a volunteer gig that I love. Oh yeah, and friends. Honestly, I often just can’t find the time to blog my recipes. Hey Time!!!! Where are you??? I look at the blogs of other gals who cook and I’m just blown away by their output. They are prolific! HOW do they do it?!

Ah, well. I’ll try to post a cake recipe this weekend that I’m loving. Here’s to hoping!


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2 responses to “Cooking, Writing, Blogging, Living

  1. Li

    I don’t know where time is hiding but if you find it, let me know, okay? My quandry of the moment is: if I’m so busy, why does nothing ever seem to get done?

    Sigh. I need cake. Please post your recipe when you get a chance. No pressure… 🙂


  2. mjennings26

    Ha! Yes, indeed, it’s true. It feels like I’m a hamster on the Wheel of Life!

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