Bean Threads Taste Good!

Waaaaaay back in August, my sister gave me several chicken feet from her slaughtered chickens. I had them in the freezer all this time and finally, since it was now 2010, I figured I needed to do something with them. I made a stock and put it in the freezer, figuring it would be another several months before I actually used it.

Lucky for me, however, The Man got inspired. Part of our resolution this year is to eat more healthy (it’s like a broken record that just replays these same words every January). He made one of Nina Simonds’ super-tasty Chinese soups with the chicken feet stock and these AWESOME Chinese bean thread noodles that he found at the Asian market up the street. Made from mung beans and potato starch, they are nicely slippery and authentically Asian noodle-y, without being made from rice. Yea!!!

One caveat before you go slurping up all this goodness. Pass the Beano, if you know what I mean!

bean thread noodles in a bag

Chinese meatball and noodle soup


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4 responses to “Bean Threads Taste Good!

  1. Milli

    i recently discovered bean threads- aren’t they great? it took me awhile to try them. my grandmother loves grocery shopping and buys us little goodies she finds. since i can’t have wheat she gives me bags and bags and bags of asian noodles. once i got tired of rice noodles i moved on to bean threads. delish! i also like them because they cook so fast. i’m just not entirely certain i’m ready for animal feet, though. does the broth taste the same without the actual meet?

  2. mjennings26

    They ARE great, Milli! I love them. What do you make with them? I’m looking for new ideas. I was thinking pad thai could be great.

    Yes, the chicken feet broth…I couldn’t tell the difference between that stock and any other chicken stock.

  3. Milli

    i found this delish mild curry paste at world market. i think the brand is patak? i saute chicken in it, add stir fry veggies and coconut milk. (occasionally i use ground turkey in a pinch.) the coconut adds great flavor and lets the curry retain its flavor without the burn. once it thickens and creates a sauce i pour the whole thing over the bean threads. it’s become my new comfort food!

  4. mjennings26

    That sounds really yummy. I’m going to have to try that. Thanks for sharing it!

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