The Gluten-free Backlash

Just when you thought it was safe to eat outside your own kitchen, here comes the gluten-free backlash. Did you catch the article on Slate suggesting that the gluten-free diet is a…fad? I’m sooooo glad decided to post Dr. Hoggan’s very fine correction to the Slate article. It’s too bad most Slate readers likely won’t know about it.

Urgh! As if it’s not painful enough to go through life with a crazy food allergy that prevents one from eating an entire category of food, now we have to deal with people just thinking we’re trying to be trendy? Not to mention how long it took some of us to get a diagnosis. Really, it’s outrageous.

It seems like the writer is trying to distinguish between diagnosed celiacs and people who feel better when they don’t eat gluten. That distinction is lost on me. Do I now need to show the test results confirming I have celiac disease for people to take me seriously? Should people who feel better when they don’t eat gluten, but are not technically celiacs, be judged as diet faddists? Methinks not.

Oh well. Now back to my kitchen.


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3 responses to “The Gluten-free Backlash

  1. I read the Slate article and was very offended and was going to write until life (aka three toddlers) got in the way. I suppose I’m going to be considered double trendy since I’m gluten-free (Not diagnosed, yet.) and I keep kosher.

    Limiting my food choices makes me so hip. I’m thinking about being vegan and going raw too and then I should be more trendy than whatever starlet is on the cover of all the magazines this month.

  2. Ann

    Check out for restaurant reviews for people with food allergies.

  3. mjennings26

    Miriam, great response! Maybe we could just eat dust and then we’d be the trendiest of all.

    As a writer, I also have to say that Hasselback seemed like such an easy target. I mean, seriously? That’s who you’re going to bash? It just made the Slate writer look bad.

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