Serious Food for Thought

Today I got my newsletter update from Included was this incredible article about a study whose results were recently published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Long story short: your gut health can be negatively affected by a gluten-free diet. BEHOLD, UNIVERSE! This is major news in my world! It validates what I have been thinking the past few months: that I have something wrong with my gut that is causing (at least in part) my arthritis/joint pain. Call it candida, call it bad bacteria, whatever. The point is that when I go off-roading from the SCD (which is mostly an anti-candida diet), my symptoms tend to intensify.

Since I don’t have any kind of diagnosis for my Mystery Illness, it’s nice to have some kind of Unifying Theory for it. And I’ll definitely be asking my doctor about this next we meet since she’s the one who told me about the SCD in the first place.

So I’m going to soldier on with the SCD because it’s the one thing I’ve found that improves things. I’m grateful to have something I can do that gives me some measure of control and actually seems to help.


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4 responses to “Serious Food for Thought

  1. it looks to me as if the study is seriously flawed. just because the 10 study subjects ate gluten-free for a month does not mean that they also ate a diet low in sugars, molds, vinegars, etc – items known to increase the amount of bad bacteria in the gut. their diets could have changed to include more foods that increase bad flora. unless the scientists document and publish exactly what the subjects ate before and during the study, it’s useless information. any potential improvements by eating gluten-free could have been severely outweighed by the negative impact of eating an increased amount of food detrimental to a healthy balance of gut bacteria.

  2. mjennings26

    Hi Carla,
    Good points. I think also a one-month study doesn’t do much for my confidence, so I hope that these results will prompt another study that is looking at more long-term data, and like you say, what the heck else people were eating after they eliminated gluten. Also, ten people doesn’t seem like many people.

    Still, the fact that these people are gluten-free and have gut bacterial issues suggests to me that what I had been suspecting for myself may just be accurate.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. heh. yeah. this is so true.
    btw, i like your blog. i noticed it on my blog’s dashboard. nice site. ; )

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