The Melon-Eye

When I was a kid, my parents would often take my older sisters, brother, and I back to their small hometown in California’s Central Valley. Think cotton fields, dust, unbelievable heat, drive-in movie theaters, strawberry soda, and the smell of alfalfa everywhere. One of my uncles, whom I’ll call Floyd Owens, was a real character. Think bolo tie, cowboy boots and hat, thin lips, Texas accent, and a major leg-puller of small, gullible children. He used to call me “Melon-eye”, which now sounds to me like an exotic Hawaiian cocktail, but at the time was one of those mildly annoying things about Uncle Floyd (when you’re twelve, “Melon-eye” just doesn’t sound cool somehow).

As I mentioned in my last post, my market had a sale on galia melons. I got to thinking about aguas frescas and how much I love them. Then the Craving started, and I knew it would have to be satisfied. Hence, I bring you, The Melon-Eye. Improvise as you wish. Methinks it cries out for vodka, but you probably have better ideas (which you naturally should let me know about).

The Melon-Eye

serves 2

  1. Select a galia melon. I typically push in the bottom gently with my thumb and smell it. If it smells like melon and my thumb can push in just a bit, it’s ripe.
  2. Cut up the melon, discarding the seeds and peel.
  3. Place the melon pieces into a blender or food processor, pulsing until blended.
  4. Strain through a colander or sieve.
  5. Add agave syrup to taste. I use 1-2 T per glass.
  6. Add ice and serve.

Like I said, this just screams cocktail! and next time I make it, I’ll probably add some vodka and maybe a sugar or salted rim. I mean, it is summer after all, and one must make the most of it.

The Melon Eye

The Melon-Eye


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7 responses to “The Melon-Eye

  1. Mmmm. This calls for gin and a splash of tonic to me…

  2. mjennings26

    Great idea! Or gin and 7-Up, omit the agave syrup.

  3. ooooo yeah that looks good! I’ve probably asked you before, but where are you from? I grew up in Merced CA. Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it but your uncle’s place sounds like a lot of the surrounding farming communities. Anyway, I’m here today because my mother (who is vegan with multiple food allergies) FINALLY bought an ice cream maker at a yard sale this weekend. She’s been looking for a long time for an old fashioned one with no plastic parts…she’s like that:). She asked me if I had any recipes and I knew just where to come. I’m so excited! I’m going to go copy and paste my little heart out now (because, of course, my mother doesn’t own a computer either).

  4. P.S. If I ever make it to Portland…
    can I stop in for cocktails? 😉

  5. mjennings26

    Hi Charmaine,
    I’m so happy to hear the ice cream recipes are going to be useful to someone. So often I feel like I’m writing this blog as my own personal recipe book, which is fine, but it’s also rewarding to know that other people find it useful. Let me know how the recipes turn out.

    Alternatively, if you come up with one yourself, I would love to publish it here!

  6. Fabulous. I love to do this with watermelon, but for some reason had never thought to do the same with a galia. Will have to try this. And the vodka addition: perfect.

  7. mjennings26

    Mmmmm! Watermelon! Vodka! Man, I’m thirsty.

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