Chicken Feet Text Message

It’s not every day that oldest my sister texts me with this message: “Do you like chicken feet?” Hmmm. Where could this question possibly be leading? I text back: “Maybe?”

Her text: “We are slaughtering chickens today. Do you want the feet?”

My text, following a mad Web scramble for chicken feet recipes: “Sure!”

So now we are on our way to San Francisco to move a friend to Portland. On the way back, we’ll rendezvous with my sister in Redding to get the chicken feet. Good times!


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2 responses to “Chicken Feet Text Message

  1. … i am so disturbed…
    You are a much braver person than I will EVER be!

  2. mjennings26

    Ha! I’m at least adventurous right now before I have to do anything with them…they are in the freezer now, awaiting their destiny.

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