Really Good News

Some days, life is really amazing.

Several weeks ago, totally out of the blue, I got the most incredible letter (e-mail) from the editor of Menda City Review about my essay “Pearls” that appeared in the Winter issue of Redwood Coast Review. He wrote to tell me how much he liked the essay. His note was so flattering, I almost felt embarrassed, like I wanted to hide in the dark of my basement for a year because someone had actually read the work I sent out into the world. Yes, I realize that I write a blog and anyone can read whatever I say here, but somehow knowing that a stranger had read and really connected with “Pearls,” a deeply personal piece, was a total mind-trip. The whole experience almost made the last fifteen years of my toiling in writerly obscurity worth it all.

So today I got a letter from the same editor asking if he could reprint “Pearls” in MCR. Seriously. Pinch me. Because life just can’t get any better. If I die in my sleep tonight, know that I died happy.


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3 responses to “Really Good News

  1. WOW Melanie that is thrilling news! I am so excited! Is there some way we can read “Pearls” online?

  2. mjennings26

    There is! Go to, then scroll down to the Winter issue. Click on the PDF link, et voila, “Pearls” is on the front page.

  3. Congratulations!!!!! Way to get out there and kick some literary butt!

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