Kitchen Gratitude

My Okie father has a saying for when things go wrong, which is, “Things could be a lot worse.” I think this is the Okie way of saying, “Count your blessings,” “Practice gratitude,” etc. So I’m sitting here this Sunday morning practicing Kitchen Gratitude, which goes something like this:

I’m grateful for:

  • Key limes, which are amazingly photogenic. These will be the victims of today’s egg-free key lime cheesecake experiment.


  • Inexpensive cuts of meat that make me learn new things, such as today’s tongue. Here it is simmering before being put into the oven for eight hours.
  • A cupboard filled with kitchen stuff.


  • A cup of tea, which is kind of an obsession too. I was reading up on tea bush/trees yesterday and wondering if I could actually grow one here.


  • And to go with my tea, my Sunday breakfast of red Mexican bananas sauteed in butter with cream, toasted walnuts, cinnamon, and honey.


My dad celebrated his birthday last week. He’s a pretty positive guy, in general, but in particular when things go wrong (not in an annoying way). Life happens: your health goes south, you get a pay cut like everyone else in this crapper economy, and rats invade the compost pile.

But, things really could be a lot worse. And I’m grateful it’s just rats in the compost pile that I’m dealing with today.

So, thanks, Dad, for all the hard-knock lessons you’ve taught me. And happy birthday!

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