Anne Frank's Chestnut Tree

Very moving piece in the Times this morning about Anne Frank’s chestnut tree.

I re-read Anne Frank’s diary a couple of years ago. It was such a different experience to read it from the perspective of a near-forty-year-old versus reading it as a teenager in school. Mostly I was shocked that they let young people read Anne Frank’s diary because it is so deeply disturbing. But perhaps one comes to that realization with age and more knowledge about the Holocaust. When I look at that haunting picture of Anne with her pen poised above a journal, ah, well… it’s just so tragic.

Every fall in Portland the chestnuts litter our neighborhood streets and old Asian women roam the nearby park gathering chestnuts in plastic grocery bags. We toyed with the idea of planting a couple in our sidewalk strip, but decided they are too big and messy for that (not very neighborly). Next fall I’m sure to remember Anne Frank after reading this piece.

If we had an Anne Frank center nearby, as this article suggests may be in the works, I would definitely make a pilgrimage.


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