Easter Finale

I think half of my joy in this blog is getting to mess around so much with my digital camera. I bought it last year before I embarked on this blog. Honestly, I think the blog was more how I justified buying the camera. See! I am using my new camera!

Easter, which we’re now going to call Hot Tub Day, turned out pretty well except for the fact that it was an all-day hot tub extravaganza. I got up at 7:30, threw the pigs feet into their broth, brought them to a boil, and put them in the oven to simmer for two hours, using the handy timer feature on my new oven (so awesome). Then I also whipped up some chocolate puddings and ran out the door to start the hot tub journey. And what a journey it was. Three hours later, we actually had the hot tub in front of our house. Then The Man had to round up every male person he knows and have them come over to help lift the tub from the trailer and across our yard to the patio. It took eight guys and even then they said it was pretty tough.

The incredible crew putting the tub into place on our patio

The incredible crew putting the tub into place on our patio

Whew! So happy it’s here now. It’s going to get some serious use. However, we do need to run 220V out to it, which may take a couple of weeks since The Man is very busy with work these days (hallelujah!)

After we put the hot tub to bed, it was time to get back to the pigs’ feet, which I had hoped would be a kind of treat for DL, the hot tub project manager. Here are the trotters frying in the pan:

Fried pig skin is soooooooooo tasty!

Fried pig skin is soooooooooo tasty!

The recipe was pretty easy overall, and tasty. I definitely learned how to make pigs’ feet, which was the goal. However, if I were to make trotters again, I’d probably go with a Chinese version along the lines of those described in this fantastic Chowhound thread about trotters just because I’d like to learn more ways of cooking them. I have to say that pigs’ feet are amazingly economical. And if you like skin and fat in general, then you really should try them.

Here is The Man’s partially eaten plate. I forgot to take a picture until we were almost finished with the meal, hence this really bad photo. DL’s special friend, J, made the salad, which turned out great and was a necessary tart/acid counterpoint to the richness of the skin/fat fest of the feet, but I’m still not sure why one would want to shave an entire rib of celery with a vegetable peeler. But J was very dedicated and followed the recipe to a T.

Our Easter meal

Our Easter meal

Later The Man, Pickle, and I hunted eggs around the house because, naturally, it rained…for the fifth year in a row, so we couldn’t hide them outside.


Easter really is a great holiday. I think part of it has to do with the fact that it’s one of the holidays that The Man and I spend together, without our families, and so we have created our own little traditions together as our own family. Here’s to that!


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  1. Bless you – seems like you had and are having a lot of fun around food

    We would like to know how others celebrate Easter and with what kind of food


    Thanks for linking up with us on the pig’s feet /turtles article on wordpress – http://muriella.wordpress.com

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