Easter Trot

So, as you know, I was hoping to do something really different and adventurous for Easter this year. My vision of a spit-roasted Greek lamb in the backyard, however, was just not going to happen because I somehow forgot that we are getting a hot tub tomorrow. Yes, indeedy! We have always talked about getting one but it was one of those things in the ten-year plan. Anyhoo, long story short, a coworker of mine had one to give away. So we are going to get it tomorrow morning with a crew of friends, a rented trailer, and prayers that it’s all going to go smoothly.

Needless to say, this renders the spit-roasted Greek lamb an impossibility.

Then what did I spy with my little eye but this fantastic recipe by one Amanda Hesser. Actually, the recipe is by Eric Korsh and the article is by Hesser. (I remember when all the haters were so active a few years ago about Hesser. Personally, I thought her book The Cook and the Gardener was quite good and people need to get over their jealousy.) And what is the primary ingredient of this recipe? Drum roll please… pig’s feet! Or, “trotters” as they say in fancy restaurants.

I’ve had trotters before but have never actually made them myself at home. It certainly fits my requirement of wanting to do something different and adventurous for Easter. And probably makes about as much sense as Easter lamb, Easter ham, and Easter chocolate bunny. Now we have Easter pig’s feet. Mmm!

Trotters soaking in a therapeutic salt bath

Trotters soaking in a therapeutic salt bath

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