Spit-roasted Lamb, or, Easter Musings

Sitting here this Friday morning feeling:

a) grateful that I don’t work on Fridays;

b) hungry;

c) like I’d really love to rig up a spit in my backyard for Easter.

I’ve been reading one of my favorite cookbooks, Rosemary Barron’s Flavors of Greece. She has this fantastic Easter menu, but it mainly consists of two spit-roasted lamb dishes. Here’s what she says about the main course lamb, called The Paschal Lamb (passover lamb?):

“After the dark austerity of the Lenten feast comes the plenitude and joy of the season of rebirth. All over Greece the centerpiece of the celebratory meal, traditionally cooked by men, is spit-roasted milk-fed lamb. As early as sunrise on Easter Day coils of fragrant smoke begin to rise from pine-wood fires in preparation for the midday feast. All morning the whole lamb turns on a long spit and the cooks, using brushes made from rosemary sprigs, lemon leaves, or branches of thyme, baste the meat with olive oil.”

Now there’s a vision! Can I do that in my backyard? I’m really wondering.

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