Pink Eye, Stink Eye

So I’ve been sick the past several days. That’s my latest excuse for not blogging in a while. But seriously, I had yet another bout of pink eye in my right eye, which I’ve battled courageously, only to wake up today with pink eye in both eyes. Not only that, but it brought its nasty little friends with it–sore throat, chills, headache, and must-go-back-to-bed-right-this-instant. It really sucks. And I’m just at my wits’ end with it. This is probably my third bout of pink eye in the last six months, this incarnation being the worst yet. Pus and one’s eye should never mix.

In other news, I did have a great 24-hour visit with my friend, Mary, who lives in Ecuador. She had a really insane itinerary this time around, so I’m very grateful she made such a huge effort to see me. Her work with Amazon Partnerships Foundation is thrilling to hear about. She’s doing amazing work in the jungle. And, I’m hoping to announce some Big News in her fiction writing career in the coming weeks as well. It was just nice to hang out with someone who knows and gets who you are. I guess that’s what friendship is about.

Naturally, we did a lot of talking about writing, one of our mutual obsessions and life loves. I will share with you some paraphrased highlights:

Me: So, Mary, what are you working on these days?

Mary: I’m drafting my second novel, and doing some business stuff around my first novel, Twenty-One Letters from Santa Lucia. I just had the first chapter of that novel published over at Writers’ Dojo, which was a fantastic experience. What are you working on, Mel?

Me: Well, I’m thinking about doing Script Frenzy because I’m really obsessed these days with films and wonder if I could write a script more successfully than I seem to be able to write a novel. The idea is that I’ll write a script using the story of my second novel. It’s been a great exercise to sketch out the idea and learn more about another genre of writing.

Mary: And what are you reading these days?

Me: Margaret Laurence’s New Wind in a Dry Land. This is an amazing travelogue written by one of the queens of Canadian literature about her time spent in Somalia in the early 1960s with her engineer husband. He went there to build reservoirs; she went to translate Somalian poetry. It’s a great read. I’m also reading Lew Hunter’s Scriptwriting 434 and Lucia Perillo’s Luck is Luck (poems) and I’ve Heard the Vultures Singing (essays). Perillo writes about her illness (multiple sclerosis) in a completely scorching way. After the first page of Vultures, I was reduced to tears. For anyone who has been affected by a chronic illness, I highly recommend this book.

Okay, enough paraphrasing and more life updating…I have also been doing a lot of cooking and eating, but that kind of goes without saying. The man and I teamed up to make tandoori chicken followed by makhani murg (Indian butter/cream chicken), both of which were ridiculously good and surprisingly easy. SCD biscuits, jerk chicken, red bananas and dates sauteed in butter and topped with whipped cream, Thai curry, and chai ice cream (recipes for those last three will soon be posted here), have all made recent appearances at our table. In addition, the food cart Bombay Chaat House (SW 12th/Yamhill–not to be confused with India Chaat House) has kept me fed and happy while working at the Sterling Room.

I’m also incredibly proud to tell you that my nephew WS will be attending Chico State in the fall and living on campus. He wrote a fantastic essay about my dad that is quite a tribute. Way to go, W!!!

So that’s my life today. For now, it’s back to the eye drops.

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  1. That *was* our conversation, practically word for word. . . equally fantastic to hang out with you, chica 🙂

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