Food Allergy Article in NYT

Yesterday the NY Times published this fascinating and provocative piece about food allergies. I am glad to learn that the medical establishment is reviewing its protocols for food allergy testing, and especially, retesting.

I myself have had conflicting experiences with doctors–some who swear by the food allergy blood tests and others by the skin tests, which certainly left me feeling confused. My experience jives with what they say in this article, mainly that the ultimate test is whether or not I react to something.

That being said, however, when your symptoms are not bee-sting-full-body-throat-closure in nature, it can be more than tricky to determine what/if/how you’re reacting. It’s taken me ten years to get my rash to an even manageable state to be able to determine when I’m reacting. I’m still not 100% sure much of the time. As a result, I’ve had to accept that my experience with food allergies is a process rather than a series of lightening-bolt realizations. This article also helps me to hope that things that bother me now may not bother me so much in the future. I don’t anticipate eating a croissant ever again, but it would be very nice to enjoy a regular glass of wine someday. Dare to dream!

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