Holiday Cocktails

I need a drink! Dear readers, my apologies for the neglect. This time of year is just so chaotic, it’s ridiculous.

Remember way back in another galaxy when I made that quince moonshine? Well, I also made some apple moonshine, aka calvados from a big bushel of apples The Man brought home from the farm where he was working. It’s incredibly easy. And if you get on it right now, it’ll be ready for your big toast to 2009, which at this point seems like just hours away to me.

The recipe is on the post-it in the picture. Put all that stuff into your jar and shake it every day for a week. (Store it in a cupboard; you don’t need to refrigerate). Then, shake it once a week for a few weeks and you’re good to go. The apples will turn a bit dark; that’s natural, no worries. It tastes super good.


For Thanksgiving, The Man made up these fine cocktails. (Yes, he can cook too!)

Apple Pie

2 parts apple moonshine

3 parts 7Up/Sprite

Garnish with candied ginger and a cranberry.


With the quince moonshine, you can make this:

The Quince-Ginger

2 parts quince moonshine

3 parts ginger beer

Garnish as above.


The Apple Pie is on the left; the Quince-Ginger is on the right.


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  1. urbzen

    Those sound divine! Here’s my signature Christmas cocktail:

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