The Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

Okay, so last night The Man and I hashed out our vegan Thanksgiving menu. I thought you’d be interested:

Nibble Course

Quince or calvados martinis with sugar rims and cranberry-candied-ginger toothpicks

Assorted olives and spicy roasted nuts

Salad Course

Mixed greens with pecans, pomegranate, and optional Oregonzola (our guest is from out of state and has expressed an interest in “a little dairy” on the Thanksgiving table)

Main Course

Stuffing-spiced turkey-shaped falafels with assorted sauces (cranberry, herbed tahini, catsup, Greek yogurt for The Man)

Mashed spuds with cashew gravy

Roasted green beans

Canned cranberry sauce (an absolute must in this family due to tradition)


Poached quince with pumpkin ice cream and ginger sauce

Optional port or coffee with cinnamon

Now I feel much better and it’s time for some shopping!


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7 responses to “The Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

  1. RCMB

    mmmmmm….. oregonzola! I’m sooo excited. it all sounds great! I’m very much looking forward to a gluten-free & (mostly) vegan thanksgiving!

  2. mjennings26

    Can’t wait myself! I’m off to test the pumpkin ice cream recipe now.

  3. How do you make cashew gravy? Sounds like something my mother would like. She is vegan with food allergies too.

  4. mjennings26

    I usually wing it, but it goes something like this: saute some diced onions and mushrooms til soft. Add cashew butter (maybe about a half-cup to a cup) and nut milk or chicken or veg broth. Mix well and simmer. Maybe add a teaspoon of soy sauce for flavor. Salt and pepper to taste. Then run through the blender or boat motor to get smooth.

  5. Yum! Thank you. One of my mom’s favorite desserts is cashew cream which is basically cashew butter and agave or stevia, actually I have not idea what she puts in it. She’s coming next month, I’ll have to show this to her!

  6. mjennings26

    My pleasure! Let me know if you try it.

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