A Vegan Thanksgiving

My vegan friend, RCMB, will be visiting The Man and I next week. What does that mean? Well, it means a vegan Thanksgiving, for starters. I neglected to mention this culinary challenge in previous posts, perhaps because my fears were getting the better of me. There were little exchanges in my mind going something like this:

Me: What should we make for Thanksgiving?

Myself: Well, between your food allergies and RCMB’s veganism…how about…sage-flavored dust?

Then, of course, there were questions about inviting guests. I quickly kaiboshed that because what kind of invitation would that be? My friends would be like, “Uh, should we…bring something?” I could imagine their dread.

So, it’ll be an intimate Thanksgiving this year, which is fine by the little hermit crab, anyway.

We are going to be serving stuffing-flavored falafels and possibly a nut loaf for our main course(s). One thing I’m going to try to find this weekend is a turkey-shaped cookie cutter so that we can mold the falafel mix into it before deep-frying for funtastic turkey-shaped falafels. We’ll be serving these with a variety of sauces to include things like cranberry-pomegranate, quince, tomato chutney (i.e., catsup), and herbed tahini.

Other menu items will include mashed spuds with cashew butter gravy, leafy greens of some sort, and likely a pumpkin ice cream or panna cotta or sauteed apples ala mode (people are way too pie-focused on Thanksgiving, so gotta break the mold there). And if I weren’t serving a vegan, I’d top this with bacon for sure.



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2 responses to “A Vegan Thanksgiving

  1. travelnole

    My parents are vegan (I was too for a couple of years, but gave it up in favor of yogurt!). I always have these fabulous dishes I want to make for them but- oh yeah- “that has milk in it” or “it won’t be the same without cheese”….

  2. mjennings26

    I hear you, travelnole. I’m trying to wrap my brain around vegan mashed potatoes.

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