Quince Moonshine

Home sick from work today. Ate something last night that definitely did not agree with me. I hate being sick because I feel (and am), so unproductive. However, in between abusing my bathroom this afternoon, I did manage to make Ratafia de Coings, aka Quince Moonshine:

Quince Moonshine

Quince Moonshine

I’ll leave this as-is for a week, shaking it once or twice a day. Then, I’ll put it in the cupboard and shake it once a week. I’m hoping it’ll be done by Thanksgiving, but if not, I’ll have something to look forward to for New Year’s.

Next up, homemade calvados.


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2 responses to “Quince Moonshine

  1. Cari

    I am making pomegranate liquor. It must run in the family! I used vodka, pomegranate seeds and some lemon peel. I’m sure it will be tasty!

  2. mjennings26

    Wow! We are going to have an awesome Christmas this year!

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