The QUINCES Have Arrived!

Yes! We got our quinces Saturday. Here they are in the fruit bowl, all nine pounds of ’em (because last year, six pounds just wasn’t enough):

My favorite fruit

My favorite fruit

You will be hearing much, much more about this fascinating “old fashioned” fruit here at AFFFG in the weeks to come. For now, just know that I am a complete nutcase when it comes to quince: I was texting my best friend at every turn on Saturday: “Going to the farm to get the QUINCES,” “Okay, we just got the QUINCES,” “Going home now…the QUINCES are safely in their box in the back of the van. They smell fantastic! I’m in love!”

You know, I never thought I could feel this passionately about a fruit. If you had told me years ago that I would develop acute insanity about a fruit, I would have laughed and called YOU nuts. But look at me now. Quince crazy!


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2 responses to “The QUINCES Have Arrived!

  1. I just asked my mother what a quince was and she said it’s a lumpy, furry, terrible tasting fruit that is only good for making jellies. So, now I have to ask you, what is a quince? Are there different types? because the one she was describing doesn’t even look like the ones in your picture. I’m just curious about the texture and flavor and since you seem so enthusiastic about them I thought you could give me a good description.

  2. mjennings26

    Yes! Great question!

    Quinces come in at least 10 different varieties that I am aware of in the Pacific Northwest, ranging from very small and mostly ornamental to the larger kind shown in the picture here. You can’t pick one off the tree and eat it like an apple. I think that’s what your mother was getting at. You can bake them like an apple, make quince jelly, quince juice, and a kind of quince sauce like apple sauce. They taste a bit like honey, imo. I’ll try to write more about them this week than just this little teaser!

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