No-milk Milkshakes

My adoring fans,

My apologies for not updating my site this week. I have been soooooo busy. Fall is nearly upon us here in the PNW, and it’s this time of year that I find myself jumping into a zillion new projects and generally over-committing myself in ways I never imagined. I think it has something to do with being in school until I was 30. It’s a habit.

So here I sit this fine morning eating late summer cantaloupe, bacon, and sipping my hazelnut-honey-coffee treat (I rarely drink coffee), thinking about a bunch of stuff I need to update you on, such as:

  • I went camping this past weekend at Waldo Lake east of Eugene. Uhm, BEAUTIFUL.
    Sunrise over Waldo Lake, Oregon

    Sunrise over Waldo Lake, Oregon

    The Man blowtorching briquets on the new camping hibachi.

    The Man blowtorching briquets on the new camping hibachi.

  • I revised the Rare draft of my novel and decided that it’s actually okay.
  • I’m thinking of starting an online literary journal.
  • I’m planning a xmas holiday. Ideas thus far center around Mendocino or Loreto, Mexico.

But for now, on to the MILKSHAKES!

First, let me say that I hate the word “smoothie.” That word just conjures up for me southern California and being “healthy” (you know, by drinking some sugary-yogurt concoction they poured out of an envelope and into a blender with ice cubes).

But “milkshake,” now there’s a word. “Milkshake” is all Marilyn Monroe and real health, ample North American hips, and homemade ice cream. “Milkshake” is a gorgeous farm girl and the best stuff from 1956, like innocence.

I managed to crawl out of my most recent food funk with the help of a blackberry “milkshake.” This recipe also does nicely in a popsicle form factor. If you experiment with different fruits and flavors, let me know how it goes.

Mel’s Blackberry No-milk Milkshake

1/2 can of coconut milk, works better if it’s been shaken and refrigerated

1/2 bag of frozen blackberries, or fresh if you’ve got ’em (tis the season, after all)

2-3 tbs agave syrup (to your taste)

2 frozen bananas

Basically, just toss all this into a blender and blend until smooth. It’s that easy.

Look at that color!

Look at that color!

Same recipe used for popsicles

Same recipe used for popsicles


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2 responses to “No-milk Milkshakes

  1. madre mom

    the popscile looks great, but probably way too much
    sugar for me….ill have to stick to the sugar less kind
    i guess. lov you,mom

  2. mjennings26

    Hola, Madre Mom,
    Que pasa?

    Can diabetics safely eat agave nectar? I know it’s low on the glycemic index, but since I don’t have to watch out for that, I don’t.

    Still, you could probably make these without sugar and rely on the sweetness of the fruit. Do you find the sweetness of fruit to be enough when you’re used to not using sugar?

    Let me know if you try it.

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